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English Language

English is our language. If it�s not yours, it can be an added challenge. So we go to great lengths to make it as easy as possible to improve your English as quickly as possible. Indeed, thousands of students, from 111 different countries, are doing just that right now.

Many students come here to study English as a second language. It�s a great place to learn. We�re a well-established centre for English language study. Victorians are good people to practice on.

Central to our education system, and the commitment of the Victorian Government to international students, is the provision of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), which cater to all levels and are tailored to the needs of each student. They range in length from four to forty-eight weeks. Most are flexible, and you can enrol at any time of the year. They�re practical, interactive, and cater to all levels. They�re also accredited by the government.

And, best of all, they�re extremely effective.

There are formal academic studies, or more relaxed classes, that focus on a specific interest. English language studies can be combined with a holiday or a professional internship with a Victorian company. All secondary schools that enrol international students provide English language classes.

So even if you arrive with a limited grasp of the language, you�ll soon find you�re speaking fluently (with a bit of an Australian accent, and maybe some of our unique Aussie slang).

To learn more about learning English, visit the English Australia website.


"I am the fifth member of my family to come to Melbourne to study… It�s a great place to learn about new cultures and improve your language skills by interacting and communicating with all types of people."

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