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Owen Tracey

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Owen Tracey, Ireland, Masters of Business Administration


For the business professional considering further education, moving overseas is a great reality check. It is a new beginning and this is very important. Many friends who have opted to study in the city they are working in find huge difficulty in transitioning to a student lifestyle.

You will find that Melbourne is a �small feel� big city. It has everything you would expect of an international destination city but still manages to retain a local charm, which is largely derived from the magnificent wide open spaces close to the centre, including the botanical gardens and the Yarra River. This offers a fantastic working environment for the busy professional, who can be at the beach 15 minutes after finishing work!

I have really enjoyed the overall quality of life in Melbourne. In most of the cities I have lived in there has always been at least one compromising factor but Melbourne has it all. For instance that great apartment in Manhattan is offset by the lack of available green space. Or the proximity to a park in London is cancelled out by the 1 hour commute to work. In Melbourne, I feel there has been little compromise. Affordable housing, beautiful green space, short commutes, close location to major attractions, great weather � all of these things combine to deliver a fantastic lifestyle. It is the overall package, not any one factor in isolation that makes Melbourne a great place.

The quality of my university here has surpassed my expectations. It is very successful in attracting high profile overseas lecturers to support its extremely capable full time faculty. You can regularly glance through copies of leading business magazines and management journals here and recognize several names of my teaching staff as regular contributors.

The professors at the school are very approachable and that lends to a very collegiate atmosphere. The feedback from lecturers is honest, direct and very helpful. Furthermore, through their industry contacts, faculty staff are very successful in attracting high profile guest speakers � these are always topical, entertaining and very helpful.

The small size of my classes guarantees more �face time� with lecturers than peer schools with larger intakes. This was a major factor for me when choosing my school. A lot of the lectures here are hosted in an interactive and experiential format that is a lot more conducive to active learning.

Without doubt there are several educational institutions that are renowned worldwide for their quality in depth across the board, (eg. Harvard Business School) but there are very few of these and most other schools have their own differentiating factors. Look beyond the ratings and take the time to study the professor profiles of your targeted school. Are they strong in the area you wish to specialize in? What is their experience? Balance this against your particular circumstances, value for money and access to faculty and resources. Bear in mind that today�s business environment is vastly different to that of even ten years ago.

Australia might seem like the end of the world to most people but don�t let this put you off. When you get here, it feels like home and the cosmopolitan nature of the city helps one to quickly find a rhythm or pace that resonates with them. You�ll also be surprised at the amount of family and friends that are queuing up to come visit such an �exotic� location.

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